Company history

Founding of the Beutelsbacher Fruchtsaftkelterei by the two brothers, Christian and Wilhelm Maier, who come from a family of winemakers and fruit growers.

Christian Maier prüft den Beerenbehang

Christian Maier checking the growth of berrys

Construction of the first own winery building with fruit silos

Helmut Meier, Christian Meier’s son, joins the company.

Start of the production of fruit juices from biodynamic cultivation.

Reestablishment of the DEMETER association through active support from the Maier family. The married couple Ingeburg together with Helmut Maier take over the company shares of the Wilhelm Maier family for lack of successors.

Helmut Maier demeter Fruchtsäfte Messe

Helmut Maier at the fair

Takeover of the sole management by Mr. Helmut Maier.

Considerable growth in sales due to the emerging natural food market across Europe.

Development of the first Demeter orange juice

Thomas Maier, Helmut Maiers eldest son, has taken on the tasks of sales and marketing after completing his professional qualification as a fruit juice technician and successfully studying technically oriented business administration.

Matthias Maier, also a son of Helmut Maier, strengthens the areas of quality assurance and purchasing after successfully studying food technology and agricultural training. In the same year Thomas Maier becomes managing director.

Thomas und Matthias Maier

Thomas and Matthias Meier today

Helmut Maier resigns from the management. Matthias Maier becomes an additional managing director.

Foundation of EOS Getränke GmbH as an independent sister company.

The strong growth in sales in recent years made a change of location inevitable. In addition, a very modern press plant with fruit silos was built. At the new company headquarters in Weinstadt, around 50 employees produce fruit and vegetable juices as well as vinegars for a wide variety of markets at home and abroad.

New filling technology with a process for securing aromas.

On September 17th, 2016 we celebrated “80 years of Beutelsbacher Fruchtsaftkelterei” with around 1,500 visitors. Factory tours with ongoing apple delivery and apple juice production with various juice tastings and a colourful supporting program was an adventure day for young and old.

Mr. Claus Paal, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Rems Murr, presented the certificate to our managing director Thomas Maier. See film and interview here.

Producing valuable juices to supplement human nutrition, that was and is the goal of the Beutelsbacher Fruchtsaftkelterei.

85 years of Beutelsbacher Fruchtsaftkeltereiexpansion of the company premises by 6000 m²

With this location expansion, the family business from Beutelsbach would like to continue to shape the future together with its trading partners.

Firmengelände Beutelsbacher Fruchtsaftkelterei