Waldfrüchte Saft
Muti-fruit juices and cocktails

Our multifruit juices are produced from freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. We value the individual aroma of each ingredient. With some fruits, we can only achieve the pure flavour of the fruit by adding water, as using only the pressed fruit would be too sour or too thick. In these cases, we harmonise the recipe with alternative sweeteners, for example grape or apple syrup.

Vegetable juices

We offer a big range of vegetable juices, including freshly harvested vegetable juices as well as juices of lactic fermented quality. All vegetable juices are produced from vegetables grown from seedfast (nonhybrid) seeds.


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Natural vinegars and condiments

Our fruit vinegar is available in reusable glass bottles with recyclable screw caps inside returnable boxes. Because of its acetic acid, glass bottles are prefect for storing vinegar without the risk of migration of packaging ingredients into the vinegar. This is why our organic and Demeter vinegars are only available in glass bottles. For the same reason, we also decided against disposable plastic caps. Our screw caps and labels are being recycled to avoid waste, where possible, and conserve the resources of our planet. 

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isis soft drinks

All carbonated soft drinks are sold in modern 0,33l longneck bottles with our recyclable screw caps. These screw caps keep the drink carbonated for longer, keep away insects and are leakproof. It’s a trendy, ecological, reusable glass bottle that is also great for on the go. 


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Fruit juices – spritzers

Our fruit juice spritzers are made from direct juice without the addition of concentrate. All fruit juice spritzers are sold in trendy, reusable 0,33l longneck bottles. The screw caps keep the drink carbonated for longer, keep away insects and are leakproof. The screw caps are also being recycled. This is an allround ecological beverage even up to the packaging itself, that you can enjoy at home or on the go.


Full fruit / nutritional supplements

We define “full fruit” as products made from direct juices that contain fruit pulp and are high in vitamins. Consumed in addition to food and drinks, full fruit juices are a sensible nutritional supplement for your daily vitamin intake. 


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Natural sweeteners

We offer fruity thick juices made from organically grown fruits as alternative sweeteners. Our natural sweeteners can replace retail sugar when baking and sweetening dishes or beverages as they are 100% made of fruits. 


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